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The Model SP-25 Stretch Wrap Forming Machine is the latest example of our efforts. Each hydraulic system is independently run off a single Lincoln electric motor, the best money can buy. That give us and you a big advantage in cost savings and maintenance. The entire stacked hydraulic system is by Parker/Hannifin and is tension and swing independent.

The Model SP-25 offers computer programmable learning control or manual control for maximum flexibility for large or small projects. It has a forming capacity of 25 tons, and power twist jaw rotation of 46 to 90 degrees. The distance between jaws is 288" to 355" with custom sizing configuration available. The tension cylinder stroke is 38", the tension cylinder swing is 35 degrees positive to 35 degrees negative. The total arm swing is 94 1/2 degrees for each arm; the arm swing speed while forming is .5 to 6 degrees per second and the same speed on the return.

The table height is 36" with tabletop to centerline of jaws available in 4, 6, 8 and 10" jaws. Power height adjustment is available. All hoses are off the ground. The Model SP-25 electrical requirements are 480 volts and 52 amps or 230 volts and 104 amps. The disconnect and control box arrive ready for your wiring scheme.

We designed the SP-25 for our own day-to-day metal forming so you know we designed it for very low maintenance and we designed it to last! Our machine is a safe machine. The Model SP-25 is a turn-key system, with staff training, tech support, and installation assistance as part of the package.

Machine Specifications

  Forming Capacity   31.5 Tons @ 3000 PSI
  Power Twist Jaw Rotation   460
  Machine Size (Arms Open)   390"W X 145"D
  Machine Size (Arms Closed)   84"W X 188"D
  Max. Distance Between Jaws   305"
  Tension Cylinder Capacity   31.5 Tons @ 3000 PSI
  Tension Cylinder Stroke   38"
  Tension Cylinder Swing   350 Positive - 350 Negative
  Arm Swing (Total Swing)   94 1/20(each arm)
  Arm Swing Speed (Forming)   .5-60 / second
  Arm Swing Speed (Return)   .5-60 / second
  Max. Diameter 1800 @ Full
  70" @ 3000 PSI
  Min. Radius 1800 @ Full Tonnage   10" @ 3000 PSI
  Table Size (Width x Depth x
  84"W X 50"D X 36.5"H
  Table Top to Centerline of Jaws   8"
  Hydraulic Reservoir   150 Gal. Capacity
  Hydraulic Operating Pressure   3000 PSI
  Electrical Requirements   480V/52 Amps or 230V/104 Amps
  Electric Motor Size   30 HP

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice